A little known tobacco farming village in the 1600's, Calvert Marina
first achieved national prominence for shipbuilding during the war of
1812. Then in the late 19th century the town's namesake, Isaac Solomon,
started an oyster canning industry, which would become the island's major
employer. The Navy built the nation's first amphibious training base, here,
in WWII. And finally, when President John F. Kennedy sailed one of
town's most famous yachts, The Manitou in 1962, Calvert Marina
would forever be linked to boating and the Chesapeake Bay.

Between 1942 and 1945 the 120-acre site that is now Calvert Marina
was part of our nation's first amphibious training base. During those war
years some 67,698 military officers and enlisted men were housed and
trained right here, for beach landing overseas. We invite you to tour
our commemorative outdoor display, honoring the troops of
Amphibious Training Base, Solomons.